My purpose is to help people excavate what is holding them back by unleashing their potential and ignite their self-awareness in order for them to develop themselves into becoming the best versions of themselves

My 4 pairs of coaching mindset practices


Directive coaching style

Because I have a significant amount of knowledge and expertise in a particular area that I believe I share knowledge and the coachee can learn from the experience I have.

Promoting coaching style

I am the biggest cheerleader and I lift my coachee to a higher level of performance.

Educative coaching style

I share knowledge or information, but allows the coachee to decide for themselves.


Passive coaching style

The coachee is often knowledgeable and knows the options that are available and needed, but still requires some reassurance from me before acting


Hi, I’m Puseletso Modimogale,

Business Mentor, Transformation Life Coach, Executive Coach

& Mind Retirement Therapist..

My name is Puseletso Modimogale, known as Mindset Advocate and Transformation Coach. since I released my book called Mind Retirement that was birthed after many yrs. of being a coach, a leader, a business strategist.


My coaching style

I am utilizing a coaching mindset, where I help my coachee with self-awareness, destructive emotions, overcoming self-limiting beliefs and help with paradigm shift to gain new perspective. We all have a blind spot to see who we are; the environment we exist in.